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Industry-Leading Interior Designer

As an award-winning designer, Kelly has always had a passion for design and creating spaces that people can be their best selves in.


As the Granddaughter of a homebuilder, Kelly spent a good part of her life learning the trade and picking her Grandpa's brain about every aspect of the building and remodeling process. He was a talented craftsman and patient teacher and they happily worked alongside each other on many building and home remodeling projects. 


Kelly also has a formal education in Interior Design, where she received "Interior Design Student of the Year" awarded by college faculty.


As a proud owner and managing partner of a thriving design firm, Kelly launched Diablo Design Group LLC, in October of 2018.


"We all could benefit from surrounding ourselves with what matters most and making our homes the sanctuaries they were always meant to be... a safe and loving place to dwell, where life's storms are left at the door." - Kelly



Kelly loves living her best life in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys working with clients all around the bay. 


To learn more about Kelly, visit her dedicated site at:

"We are totally and completely over the top with Kelly's work!! She has transformed our home into our vision of what we were looking to have with the Napa-style design and yet, far beyond what we could have even imagined. She has a great and superior eye for detail!

She will stick to your budget and can search and find anything you're looking for. Fresh views! She works with what you already have as well to incorporate what you would like to keep and use in your home.

She brings new ideas to the table that we would have not even thought to do! I really am thankful that I found her as she is really more than a pleasure to work with and is always very reliable and punctual."




"Six amazing interior designers in one building to serve the customers, what more could you want! Diablo Design Group is a new interior design group that came together here in downtown Danville to serve the area. They really are great at what they do so if you are looking for a quality interior design firm look no further!"






Contact me directly for a consultation and quote.


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